Summer Vacations Over?

Start planning for Summer Vacations 2018…

Here are some options that Celebrities took this summer for inspiration.

Heidi Klum chartered 45 meter “Atlantic Goose” during July in Cannes.  80.000€ weekly.

Leonardo DiCaprio chartered 50 meter “Impromptu” during July in St. Tropez.  250.000€ weekly.

Jennifer Lopez with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez chartered “Trending” during June in Antibes.  210.000€ weekly.

Gwyneth Paltrow chartered 66 meter “Invictus”during June in Cannes.  532.000€ weekly.

Lewis Hamilton was seen on 82 meter “Alfa Nero” during the Monaco Grand Prix.  850.000€ weekly.


Selena Gomez was seen 42.67 meter “Leight Star” at Marine del Ray, Los Angeles.  Boat is listed for sale, $9,995,000.

David Haye was seen training on 57 meter “Skyfall” in Miami.  $275,000 weekly.

Caroline Fleming chartered 47 meter “Orient Star” in Santorini.  145.000€ weekly.

Natasha Oakley was seen with friends on 38.67 meter “Gladius” in Anguilla.  $85,000 weekly.

Finally, Ellie Goulding chartered 77 meter “Silver Fast” in St. Tropez.  $650,000 weekly.

There is no question that as we shift into a new generation of thought we seek to accomplish more experiential goals, than material goals.  Like one of our favorite quotes reads…

“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away”–Shing Xiong.  Allow us to help you find those moments.