Owner’s Guide

Owners Guide

Things you NEED TO KNOW…

Once you have purchased your new yacht, Yachting Experts will continue to serve you by offering services for the upkeep and continuing maintenance of your yacht. Whether you are a local boater or an absentee owner, inquire with one of our agents about what programs we have to offer you. Our service and dedication to you will far outlive your initial purchase.


Owning a yacht is an ongoing investment. Being a responsible and diligent owner will not only protect you and your family, but also your wallet. There are many simple ways to promote the longevity of your yacht and ensure it is always functioning at its best.


This is as simple is cleaning your boat routinely after every trip and engaging in self-inspection regularly. Keeping your boat clean will extend its life and all of its corresponding parts. Do not neglect your maintenance duties even during extended periods of non-usage. Have your boat professionally inspected regularly and protect your engine by flushing it after every trip. If you do not know enough about how to properly maintain your engine, inquire about educational programs offered specializing in engine maintenance.


Treat you boat with respect when out on the ocean. Get to know your vessels capabilities and operate within them. Always check weather reports before embarking and only navigate within areas you feel comfortable. With time and experience you will gain a familiarity with your vessel that will increase your overall comfort zone out on the water. Be sure to have a clear understanding of basic marine navigation. It is always prudent to enroll in boater safety and marine navigation courses to enhance your knowledge as a boater.


A boat should be a luxury you can afford, not one that stretches you financially. Keep in mind correlating costs such as storage and maintenance fees, boaters’ insurance, and gas expenses. It is also worth the extra investment to outfit your boat with the latest in navigation technology to ensure safe traveling. Also include any ancillary products you might intend to buy when calculating costs.