WHY SHOULD I List My Boat With Yachting Experts?

There are no right or wrong ways to work in this business, but there are some basic common sense practices to have the advantage when listing your boat for sale.
Our focus is very simple.  Offer our clients the very best service taking into consideration 3 very important components. 

Experienced Yacht Brokers

A combined experience of over 100 years in the industry.

 Marketing Strategy

Our goal is to sell your boat and optimize your return in the process.

The Sales Advantage

We are prepared to handle every step of the sales process

#1 Experienced Yacht Brokers

With a combined experience of over 100 years in the industry, our team is comprised of experts in the field.  With years of “on the job” experience, primarily as yacht and fishing Captains, they confidently  navigate through the yacht ownership process.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our brokers are knowledgeable, professional and respectful of our clients needs and privacy.  With ongoing education on the part of brokers being an expectation and not a bonus to our clients.  Encouraging manufacturer visits and seminars as part of the responsibility brokers have to their clients.


All our brokers & consultants are licensed by the State of Florida through the Department of Business and Professional Regulations and bonded as required by the entity.  Make sure that when choosing a broker they are licensed.  You can verify at My Florida License and click on the VERIFY A LICENSE link.

With the advent of the internet much information on companies performance and integrity of their employees can be found online.  Don’t hesitate to do a little research on your brokers.  They will be representing your asset along with your financial interest in the same.  Interview your broker.

#2.  Marketing Strategy

Our goal is to sell your boat and optimize your return in the process.  This is why so much of our focus and our resources are geared towards our Marketing Plan.   A strong marketing plan is critical to getting the traffic necessary to sell your boat.

Our marketing plan is managed by Betty De Varona. She offers our clients, more than 25 years of Marketing and Sales experience in diverse industries.  She’s a stickler for how we market & brand our products.  Starting with Yachting Experts, which is where the transaction starts and ends.  We are selling products, but moreso, relationships.  Our customers are at the center of our business plan and overall approach to how we market ourselves.

Our approach takes into account how that buyer is looking for his next boat, and our goal is to have your boat there.  There is no secret that with the advent of the internet, which has progressively changed consumer behavior, marketing plans have become micro versus macro!!

The most important pieces of this analysis to consider are the Competitive Analysis & Identifying the 4 P’s. 

We perform a thorough COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS, to identify their marketing position, market position, the vessels strengths & weaknesses, and determine what market share we will be going after.  Through this competitive analysis we will be able to establish the price at which your vessel should list and ultimately sell.
Identify the 4 P’s.  Product, Price, Promotion & Place.

Through a strong International Presence and our Professional Affiliations we have been able to create a database of over 13,000 colleagues, boaters, and influencers to assist in promoting our listings.
International Presence.
Boat Shows, Boating Events, Tournaments, and local events.  Creating presence is important for the YE brand.  It provides confidence to the buyer that they are doing business with a credible company that manages themselves in a professional manner and are respected by their community.
Professional Affiliations
  • Members of IYBA, International Yacht Brokers Association, formerly known as FYBA, Florida Yacht Brokers Association.
  • Certified Professional Yacht Brokers, CPYB
  • US Superyacht Association
  • Latin Builders Association
Digital Plan
Includes pay-per-click ads, social media presence and email marketing campaigns geared towards attracting the right consumer to our boats and brands.
Multiple Listing Systems & Website
Once your listing is created utilizing great quality photos and relevant content we will upload to the most important and relevant search engines in the industry.  Sites as are Yachtworld, Yatco, Boats.com, Rightboat.com, and many more relevant sites.
Global Print Media & Direct Mail Distribution
Continuous advertising through international and local niche media publications as well as direct mail pieces we strive to continue promoting Yachting Experts as a brand to rely on when purchasing or selling a yacht, boat and or tender.

#3  The Sales Advantage

With our combined experience in sales, our brokers and administrative staff are prepared to handle every step of the sales process.  We understand that even if we have done our job in the first 2 steps to attract buyers if we don’t possess the right sales skills, the process of purchasing a vessel stops being enjoyable.

Commitment to our sellers & buyers.  We are constantly changing our marketing approach to ensure our listings are amongst the most visible and attractive to buyers.

We pride ourselves in that we are not the biggest retailer of yachts, but rather one of the first to call themselves a boutique operation.  Identifying our buyers and sellers by name, interests and satisfying their goals, and growing Yachting Experts one customer at a time.  Building a strong relationship & adding value throughout the experience is our primary goal since we acknowledge that without them, we are just another yacht broker.

Our Motto: 

Work very hard, very hard!
Always be prepared.
Never give up.
Once you get the job, give them more than they ever expected.