The Embodiment of

Elegance and Function

Gorgeous lines adorn these high quality center console boats that work equally well as your fishing machine or the tender to your yacht.

Style to Turn Heads

The totally unique lines of the Mag Bay are the perfect marriage between a classic and modern look. She looks as sleek at the dock as she does slicing the seas offshore.

Durability to Last

Top quality components come standard on a Mag Bay, as well as many of the features that other’s call options.

42' Mag Bay

Good Looks

The new Mag Bay is a sight to behold. A tasteful blend of Carolina flare and tumblehome with elegant modern lines, the Mag Bay will be sure to turn heads and be the talk of the dock.

Purposely overbuilt, the focus is to build the finest center console possible using only the best materials available to the industry. All rigging and wiring is done after the boat is assembled to ensure that the runs are accessible for future rigging. This results in a little more work at the factory, but infinitely better for the customers on the end. The boat is built to or above all NMMA/ABYC standards.