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Dominator New Boat Models

Bespoke Luxury Yachts

Dominator Yachts are not mass-produced. Starting at 64’ and building up to 132’, they are designed and built for the discerning yachtsman who appreciates style but demands quality, and a high level of customization. The engineering, workmanship and design compliment the requirements of our clientele. We are elated to join Dominator Yachts and Luxury Yachts, LLC in this new endeavor.

Dominator yachts are solid and extremely robust, and they are all built in our shipyards, right from the glass fibre. Every craft is hand-finished, and painstaking care is taken over even the tiniest detail. Dominator also guarantees a very high level of customization thanks to a production philosophy that is based firmly on craftsmanship. Hi-tech solutions, specially designed furnishings, fine materials and top-class finishings all ensure that every expectation and dream is fulfilled.

Clean-cut contours, streamlined styling, forms that mirror the purity of Nature and cutting edge details that evoke the world of car design and aeronautics are the features that distinguish our projects.

Working together with the world’s top class designers, customers can enjoy the most sophisticated cutting edge design of their yachts. The Dominator Engineering Division, on the other hand, is responsible for the design of the hulls, the structures and all the various onboard operating systems.

If you would like more information on Dominator Yacht sales, please visit our Miami, Florida dealership. We serve our friends & neighbors in Broward, Collier County & Palm Beach.