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Bahamas destinationsLONG ISLAND

Dean’s Blue Hole is a great tourist attraction. It is the deepest undersea sinkhole known to man. It’s breath taking and has a variety of fish. It’s a safe place to swim and snorkel. Cape Santa Maria is one of the greatest beaches in Long Island. The beaches have sand that look like powdered sugar. The water is turquoise and crystal clear. Columbus point is a historical landmark that you can visit. When you get to the top of the monument the views are breathtaking, with white beautiful cliffs.


The Dixon Hill Lighthouse is a great site to see. You are able to climb to the top and see the magnificent sights. It has one of the most amazing views of the island. Watling’s castle is a good place to visit if you enjoy hiking, spectacular views, and enjoy history. This place is an 18th century plantation left in ruins that shows the culture, history, and tradition of the Bahamas.


This marina is a very popular place to stop for visiting sport fisherman. The marina, being custom designed for dive traveler, has great spots for divers with all the facilities close. San Sal is one of the top five wall-diving destinations in the region. You can easily budget your trip by including everything in a one-package price. Riding Rock offers you adventure and excitement, as well as relaxation.

bahamas destinationsBIMINI

Bimini Bahamas’ name is believed to have come from the Lucayans, the first inhabitants of the island. Bimini means “two islands” in the Lucayan language. Bimini once served as a supply point for rumrunners from Nassau during the time of the Prohibition era in the U.S since it was closest island to the US. During that time the Bahamas started to prosper. After the prohibition, Bimini’s economy continued to prosper through tourism because of the great game fishing in the waters surrounding it. Many anglers from all over the world began to travel to Bimini, which led to the island being called the Big Game Fishing Capital of the World.

The Resorts World Bimini Marina is located only 50 nautical miles away from the coast of South Florida. The marina is the largest yacht and marina complex in The Bahamas. It was 2 marinas, The Fisherman’s Village Marina (136 slips) and the Mega Yacht Marina (94 slips). The Fisherman’s village Marina accommodates vessels up to 128 feet in length and the Mega Yacht Marina can accommodate vessels up to 200 feet in length. To make a reservation at the Resorts World Bimini Marina, call 305-374-6664 ext.1035 The Big Game Club Resort & Marina provides 75 slips, capable of accommodating yachts up to 140 ft. They have Wi-Fi coverage, cable TV, and 24- hour security patrol. The amenities on property include Deep sea, bone fishing and offshore reef fishing, a watersports center, dive center, Bimini Big Game Bar & Grill, Barbeque area, swimming pool, Liquor Store, and much more.

To make reservations call: 800-867-4764 Browns Marina is the first Marina when you enter Bimini Harbor. The marina includes top quality slips up to 145’+, WI-FI, Tiki Hut Bar, air conditioned shower and bathroom, 24 hour security, and volley ball area. To contact the marina you can call any of these numbers: Bimini Tel: 242.347.3116, Fax: 305.423.3205, US office: 305.423.3213, or email


Abaco Tours and Activities are great for snorkeling and sightseeing. They offer kayaking, guided excursions through the Settlements on the island of Abaco, and fishing trips. The boat trips offer a friendly crew and great service. Treasure Cay Beach, Marina, and Golf resort is considered to be one of the largest and nicest in the Bahamas. They offer 150 boat slips. They include laundry and shower facilities, Internet and cable, a grocery store, lodging, and entertainment. For further information visit:


For up-to-date information on entering the Bahamas by boat visit the Bahamas Visitor Information Site you can print a copy of the Customs Clearance Form PDF on our site.