Celebrating Fourth of July on a Boat

There is no better way to enjoy the Fourth of July weekend than boating


The best and safest way to celebrate Fourth of July weekend is on a boat. But to make it enjoyable, rhetorically speaking, you must remember “safety first”.

Some tips to make it enjoyable & safe.

1- Have a designated captain. This person should have navigation skills and not drink.  The majority of accidents on the water involve alcohol, so if you want to drink, stay landside.

2- Your boating skills may be good, but you’re not the only one on the water so look out for others that may not be paying attention at night.  When running asks your guests on board to be lookouts-bow, aft, starboard & port, paying special attention to other boaters.

Everyone will be out having fun on their boats, but everyone needs to remember how important it is to be safe on Fourth of July!

3- Make sure your safety year is up to date.

4- Have a great patriotic boat playist that everyone loves.

5-Be prepared to BBQ lots of food, and have snacks available cause everyone loves a great BBQ on the boat.

6-Plan ahead.  Find your friends and tie up together and have a great time watching fireworks on your boat!


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