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What is a CPYB Broker?

What is a CPYB Broker?  (Certified Professional Yacht Broker) Why should I engage him or her?

In the State of Florida you have probably run into someone practicing as either a Yacht Salesperson or Yacht Broker. (There is a difference)  These are designations made by the Florida Department of Professional Regulations, license status can be found on their site.
In January 2000, as the industry began showing significant growth, the Yacht Brokers Association of America determined that establishing a certification program would fulfill two goals:
  1.  Raise the professional image of yacht brokers with the boating public and
  2. Set an appropriate standard for professional behavior.
By 2002, the CPYB program was introduced to the industry and certification began.
Why should you work with a CPYB? Well, the answer seems quite simple.  Unlike other similar industries, (Real Estate or Insurance Brokers for example), Yacht Salesperson or Yacht Brokers DO NOT require any type of formal training nor education.  Although many have been in the industry under some capacity, many have come into the industry do to the attractiveness the profession manifests.  As the Broker of Record for Yachting Experts, I get random inquiries of how to get in the business of boat or yacht sales. Although most make sense, boat captains, crew, industry administrators and boat owner/aficionados!  Occasionally, I do get calls from individuals with no sense nor knowledge of anything boating other than “it floats”.
CPYB Professional Certification attempts to offer a solution to those in the industry interested in documenting their legitimacy.
As we approach the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and overall boat show season I will be elaborating more on the importance of engaging a broker with a CPYB designation.  There is no question we help provide a beautiful and very enjoyable lifestyle, HOWEVER.  Protecting yourself & your asset will ensure both the short term & long term repercussions of ownership.
At Yachting Experts, Frank De Varona became certified in January of 2006.  Betty De Varona received her certification in 2013.  Currently, Greg Morrison from our West Palm Beach County office has begun his certification process and should be CPYB at the next testing date.
This is an introduction to CPYB Certification and will be followed by a series of articles expanding on what the requirements are and why we recommend you consider a CPYB to buy or sell your next boat.

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