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Engage a CPYB Broker

Engage a CPYB Broker? 

Why would you engage a CPYB Broker?  Working with a CPYB Broker provides buyers and sellers of boats & yachts with an agent whos goal is to provide a professional & ethical experience.

Because CPYB, Certified Professional Yacht Brokers have the experience and know how to:

Provide a Strong Knowledge Base
Yacht Sales Professionals are required to be exposed to the boat industry all day, everyday.  A professional, although not necessarily knowledgeable of all brands, acquire enough knowledge in certain segments to be able to address good and bad points of many boats.  Quality, Value & Performance.  A professional will listen closely to your wants & needs and how they will fit into your lifestyle.
Work with a Network of Contacts
A Yacht Sales Professional will offer you a network of contacts by making use of:
Broker to Broker relationships established over years of experience, Yacht MLS and the Best Electronic Media, some of which are only available to members of the boating industry.
Establish Value
A Yacht Sales Professional will help you establish the fair market value of a boat to help you determine a fair asking price or a realistic offer price.  They will use comparable boats and where a boat fits in a marketplace.
Get Your Boat to Market
Preparing a comprehensive listing of your boats specifications that will be promoted through traditional & social mediums.  As the central contact person, your professional broker, will answer questions to qualified buyers & arrange showings.
Negotiate on Your Behalf
Your Professional Broker, CPYB Broker facilitates negotiation.  Complying with fundamental ethical standards, presenting any and all offers to owners, and ultimately acting as buffer & negotiator on your behalf.
Complete The Whole Transaction
Your Professional Yacht Broker, CPYB Broker eases the process of finalizing the transaction.  Taking the transaction from Purchase Agreement, Survey, Acceptance and Closing.
Safeguard Funds
A Yacht Sales Professional, CPYB Broker, will safeguard funds in an escrow account.  They will ensure any existing loans, liens or encumbrances are paid off & satisfied at time of closing.  This is critically important to the buyer and the seller, and can be a potentially serious hazard in a private transaction not involving a broker.
Provide an Ethical Atmosphere For the Transaction
Yacht Sales Professionals subscribe to, and abide by, a stringent Code of Ethics.  The role they play between a buyer and a seller requires substantial ethical responsibilities to ensure all parties are treated honestly & fairly.  Without a Professional Yacht Broker, this ethical standard is left to chance between unknown parties.
Build Relationships
Upon completing a transaction with a Professional Yacht Broker you will find to have built a lasting relationship & partnership.  They will be available to answer questions and provide assistance even after the transaction is completed.  They will value your loyalty and appreciate your referrals & future business.
At Yachting Experts, Frank De Varona became certified in January of 2006.  Betty De Varona received her certification in 2013.  Currently, Greg Morrison from our West Palm Beach County office has begun his certification process and should be CPYB at the next testing date.

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