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Miami Boat Show February 13-17

Miami International Boat Show, February 13-17th, 2020, just 2 weeks away!!


Ohhh, Miami Boat Show, what do we do?  We are asked many times why we are Yachting Experts.  Well, more than just knowing boats, the ins & outs of purchasing & owning one, we understand & consider ourselves experts in the lifestyle of yachting.  One very important factor is navigating through Boat Shows, which pretty much take up 10% of our life (between organizing, preparing, participating, and tearing apart).

The Miami International Boat Show, aka Miami Boat Show, or as the industry refers to it MIBS, has at times been a subject of confusion & discontent.  It’s understandable, no?  Where do we park?  How do we shuttle? Can we UBER?  Do we need tickets?   After completing quite a few years at the Marine Stadium exhibit, I must admit, year 1 was a little difficult.  Ultimately, change is difficult for humans to overcome.  Much to the credit of the NMMA, National Marine Manufacturers Association, I have to say, these folks have it figured out.  Is it perfect?  Probably not, but considering the logistical nightmare it must be, I take my hat off to them.

As exhibitors, they are cooperative and willing to make the experience a great one.  Now, the reason you got to this article was not to listen to my rant, but rather what you need & want to know….Here it is!

Important things to take into consideration before committing Valentine’s Day weekend to this highly anticipated event across the boating world.  

  1.  You’ve figured out what you are going to wear (of course, it’s Miami). Ladies, stay away from the stiletto heels.  Nothing is more amusing to those of us in the sidelines than watching them get stuck in the docks.
  2. Tickets, pre-purchase your tickets and avoid the lines.
  3. Getting there, Miami International Boat Show prepared this short video with a lot of useful information.
  4. Prepare.  It’s a big show and there is a lot to see.  Download the guide prior to arriving and highlight your top attractions (much like you do when you visit Disney World).
  5. Pack sunblock & comfy shoes & foldable raincoat should it rain.
  6. Plan on visiting us at the Mag Bay display at slips 782 & 782A to experience the International debut of the 42 Express Inboard .
  7. Forget the diet plans, grab a beer or frozen lemonade as you come in & enjoy!
  8. Wear your smart watch & count your steps, this counts towards your exercise goals.
  9. Don’t forget to come our way & say hello!

Very important:


Miami Marine Stadium, 3501 Rickenbacker Causeway,  Miami, FL


Thursday-Sunday 10am-6pm  Monday 10am-5pm

All & all, boat shows are a serious event for us, it’s work…but only for us.  They are intended for you to enjoy, aspire & shop.  We are here to help if there’s anything you see while at the show that you are interested in we ask that you allow us an opportunity to assist.

See you there!




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